XMorbius (9:33:07 PM): Hola
Funeral Dirge (9:33:23 PM): Evening.
XMorbius (9:35:55 PM): Whats up?
Funeral Dirge (9:36:13 PM): Having alot of stress issues, other than that, well medicated.
XMorbius (9:36:24 PM): Oh, whats going on?
Funeral Dirge (9:38:57 PM): Family issues.
XMorbius (9:39:02 PM): ohhh
XMorbius (9:39:08 PM): Know how that goes
Funeral Dirge (9:47:21 PM): John, I've got a question.
XMorbius (9:47:37 PM): Fire away
Funeral Dirge (9:47:48 PM): What's it going to take to stop?
XMorbius (9:48:24 PM): Im assuming you mean the ethnic slurring?
Funeral Dirge (9:48:40 PM): Bingo.
XMorbius (9:48:59 PM): Well... I think we've held backa teense lately
Funeral Dirge (9:49:15 PM): I'm not talking about holding back.
Funeral Dirge (9:49:21 PM): I'm talking about stopping..
XMorbius (9:49:22 PM): I know
XMorbius (9:49:27 PM): Hmm
XMorbius (9:51:11 PM): Im not sure...
XMorbius (9:53:35 PM): Is this about that Taco thing at Rudys?
Funeral Dirge (9:54:18 PM): No. It's about this large chip I've had on my shoulder since the beginning of the TRB.
Funeral Dirge (9:55:47 PM): And the day I could count on Mark Odar, whom is a running joke amongst us, more than my best friend.
Funeral Dirge (9:56:05 PM): It's irony, really.
XMorbius (9:57:21 PM): Well, we are just joking man
Funeral Dirge (9:58:31 PM): How am I to believe such a statement, when I keep getting bombarded by this shit?
Funeral Dirge (9:58:47 PM): A joke's a joke, I've had my share, and I'm assuming you have as well.
Funeral Dirge (9:59:38 PM): Have you ever had something drilled into your head until it reached the core?
XMorbius (9:59:44 PM): No
XMorbius (9:59:48 PM): Cant say I have
Funeral Dirge (10:00:29 PM): It's really shitty. It's like admitting someone you love is dead. It's a lot like that.
Funeral Dirge (10:01:20 PM): What is meant to be a joke on the outside, can be perceived as petty and cruel to anyone else who sees it. Most especially, the butt of the joke.
XMorbius (10:01:42 PM): Well, with all due respect to your situation man, you need to take it more lightly
Funeral Dirge (10:02:25 PM): With all due respect, my friend, I shouldn't have to take it at all.
XMorbius (10:02:50 PM): Look at me, im always given shit by all those guys, I take it, and deal some back
Funeral Dirge (10:03:47 PM): Granted, but name a time where I've enjoyed making fun of another race. I don't give it.
Funeral Dirge (10:04:14 PM): Unless it's a white supremisist.
XMorbius (10:04:33 PM): I have two words for you my friend
XMorbius (10:05:18 PM): Thats making fun of another race
Funeral Dirge (10:05:46 PM): Who's to say it is? It's the name of the restaurant.
Funeral Dirge (10:06:01 PM): I've always perceived it as an odd name.
XMorbius (10:06:11 PM): Thats racism
Funeral Dirge (10:06:17 PM): I mean, nobody has a place called the "Joyful Grill", do they?
XMorbius (10:06:35 PM): Of course not
XMorbius (10:06:46 PM): But thats because different restaurants need different names
XMorbius (10:07:14 PM): Thats why mexican places have either "Taco" or mexican in their names
Funeral Dirge (10:07:34 PM): Most of the time, yes.
XMorbius (10:07:41 PM): Yeah
XMorbius (10:08:00 PM): That's just the Chinese stores name, most likely, the owner picked it
XMorbius (10:08:14 PM): We're racist just by saying it in a funny way like that
Funeral Dirge (10:09:27 PM): Then how about I never say "Happy Wok" in any other tone of voice other than a serious voice, and you stop jumping on other races just because you can.
XMorbius (10:10:10 PM): Because im not the one taking offense to the remark
Funeral Dirge (10:11:28 PM): So that's how it is? It doesn't matter unless you're taking it?
XMorbius (10:13:42 PM): Hmm
XMorbius (10:13:58 PM): Well, it would still be racism even if you said it in a serious tone of voise
XMorbius (10:14:05 PM): the context would still be there
Funeral Dirge (10:14:47 PM): I've never spoken of that restaurant outside of those chants.
Funeral Dirge (10:15:06 PM): Other than "We need to go there sometime".
XMorbius (10:15:17 PM): So everything you've said about them is racist? Except the need to go there bit
Funeral Dirge (10:15:46 PM): Yes, I suppose it has.
XMorbius (10:17:03 PM): ANd you find it funny, right? (Saying no would be a blatant lie here you realize)
Funeral Dirge (10:17:35 PM): Of course it was funny.
XMorbius (10:18:20 PM): Well, there
XMorbius (10:18:46 PM): Racism is funny, we've gotten that down
Funeral Dirge (10:18:46 PM): Well, what? So I mistook humor for racism ONCE..
XMorbius (10:18:56 PM): Now we just need to apply it to you
Funeral Dirge (10:19:00 PM): You've done it day, after day, after day.
XMorbius (10:19:34 PM): No, im saying that you just need to find it funny when it's about you
Funeral Dirge (10:21:14 PM): Point being: It's NOT funny. I don't find it the least bit funny, if at some time I might have found it even mildly humorous.
Funeral Dirge (10:21:28 PM): *even if at some time
XMorbius (10:21:31 PM): Only because it's about your race
XMorbius (10:21:56 PM): And I just thought of another thing
XMorbius (10:21:58 PM): Bobby
Funeral Dirge (10:22:10 PM): What about Bobby?
XMorbius (10:22:15 PM): When you talk in the "black voice" (ebonics is it?) That's racism
Funeral Dirge (10:22:43 PM): No, that's Impersonation. At best, it's ignorance.
XMorbius (10:22:51 PM): Impersonation???
Funeral Dirge (10:22:57 PM): At no level is Ebonics Racism.
XMorbius (10:22:58 PM): Nuh uh
XMorbius (10:23:02 PM): Yes it is
XMorbius (10:23:16 PM): When it's not being spoken by a black person
Funeral Dirge (10:23:23 PM): That would mean every white guy in america who says the word "yo" is racist.
XMorbius (10:23:39 PM): With a black accent, yes
XMorbius (10:23:48 PM): I can say yo without sounding black
Funeral Dirge (10:24:30 PM): You mean to tell me I'm a racist, and I should just take what's coming to me?
XMorbius (10:25:06 PM): Yes, and no
XMorbius (10:26:09 PM): You shouldn't just take it
XMorbius (10:26:33 PM): You should dish some back too, not even racist remarks nessacarily
XMorbius (10:26:41 PM): And you need to take it more lightly!
Funeral Dirge (10:27:47 PM): No. It's gone far enough.
Funeral Dirge (10:28:13 PM): Whatever humor there was before, it's worn off.
XMorbius (10:28:22 PM): Estes, Baker, and Ryan find it funny
XMorbius (10:28:31 PM): So thats not true
XMorbius (10:28:38 PM): And I take just as much as you do on a daily basis
Funeral Dirge (10:29:18 PM): Anything to insult me Baker finds funny, Estes loves it when I get angered.
XMorbius (10:30:35 PM): Ok, so Baker dosen't count
XMorbius (10:30:46 PM): Im not sure if that's true about Estes though
Funeral Dirge (10:31:08 PM): Even if you take as much as I do, is it from someone who you've called "Best Friend", and why don't you have enough pride in your heritage to do something to stop it?
XMorbius (10:31:45 PM): I have plenty of pride in my heritage
XMorbius (10:31:51 PM): I just know that it's all in good humor
XMorbius (10:32:03 PM): And yes, it has been from "Best Friend"s
Funeral Dirge (10:33:09 PM): I see no humor in being mocked.
XMorbius (10:33:22 PM): Theres your problem
Funeral Dirge (10:33:33 PM): I swallow my pride when it's constructive criticism.
Funeral Dirge (10:33:56 PM): But I refuse to believe that being insulted ethnically is constructive criticism.
XMorbius (10:34:54 PM): Dustin, it's a joke, it's all in good humor, we dont mean any of it!
Funeral Dirge (10:35:33 PM): Somehow, I'm not convinced, especially if I ask time and again for it to stop, and you go out of your way to insult me.
XMorbius (10:37:07 PM): Again, the same thing happens to me
XMorbius (10:37:24 PM): The only thing that was really out of line was the TRB, and I apologized for that
Funeral Dirge (10:39:24 PM): You did apologize for that. But, what of the many other times you've said something just to get a rise out of me, or to see Estes laugh, or to see Baker laugh, or to see Ryan laugh, or to impress anybody?
XMorbius (10:39:36 PM): Im attention starved
XMorbius (10:39:44 PM): I was really lonely as a child
Funeral Dirge (10:40:06 PM): And you saw me as a meal ticket. Lovely.
XMorbius (10:40:21 PM): No I didn't
XMorbius (10:40:35 PM): That's just why it's hard for me to stop
Funeral Dirge (10:42:19 PM): That brings us back to the beginning...what's it gonna take for you to stop?
Funeral Dirge (10:42:33 PM): The day you finally make me angry enough that I raise a fist?
XMorbius (10:42:53 PM): Actually, that probably wouldn't do it either
Funeral Dirge (10:43:10 PM): Then what will it take?
XMorbius (10:43:29 PM): I dont know
XMorbius (10:43:41 PM): That's why im trying to help you take it better
Funeral Dirge (10:44:11 PM): I am not going to be a whipping boy just because you don't want your fun to stop.
XMorbius (10:44:32 PM): It's not just me Dustin
XMorbius (10:44:50 PM): estes, baker, ryan, they wont stop if I do
XMorbius (10:45:06 PM): Look at Ethnic survivor
Funeral Dirge (10:46:01 PM): So the only way it's not going to effect me is if I'm not around, right?
XMorbius (10:46:23 PM): That, or you could learn to take it, like I've said a million times over
XMorbius (10:47:01 PM): It cant be that hard
Funeral Dirge (10:47:14 PM): No. I guess it's not that hard.
XMorbius (10:47:18 PM): Hell, most people are afraid of you
XMorbius (10:47:33 PM): I get alot more shit than you do about stuff alot more offensive than race
Funeral Dirge (10:48:06 PM): Then for fuck's sake DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
XMorbius (10:48:18 PM): Thats impossible
XMorbius (10:48:29 PM): There are too many people to "Do something about it" to
Funeral Dirge (10:48:34 PM): If you just sit there and take it, you're nothing. If you dish it back out, you're no better than your aggressors.
XMorbius (10:48:55 PM): And if you get angry, you're allowing them to manipulate you
Funeral Dirge (10:50:09 PM): In that case, why are my friends trying to manipulate me?
XMorbius (10:50:29 PM): We're not trying
XMorbius (10:50:34 PM): You're allowing yourself to be
Funeral Dirge (10:50:56 PM): Then I guess I shouldn't be around you guys, then.
XMorbius (10:53:00 PM): I wouldn't go that far
XMorbius (10:54:49 PM): >!<
XMorbius (10:54:58 PM): I got it, you need to start joining in on the fun
XMorbius (10:55:03 PM): Like I do with my arabian accent
Funeral Dirge (10:55:50 PM): You're saying I should give in to something I've been taught since birth is wrong?
XMorbius (10:56:08 PM): If we wanted to burn you at the stake it'd be wrong
Funeral Dirge (10:56:51 PM): I don't quite follow that statement.
XMorbius (10:56:55 PM): Sorry
XMorbius (10:56:57 PM): My bad
XMorbius (10:57:08 PM): What im saying is if it was real racism it'd be wrong
Funeral Dirge (10:58:12 PM): Why don't you show me this line that seperates real racism from whatever it is you're doing?
XMorbius (10:58:27 PM): --------Humor-------------
Funeral Dirge (11:02:48 PM): What's the definition of "humor" when you add in racism?
XMorbius (11:03:44 PM): Um, im not sure, but it wouldn't apply since we dont add them, hence the humor line
Funeral Dirge (11:05:54 PM): So, if a KKK calls me a "Dirty Latino", and you call me a "Dirty Latino", then you're both joking?
XMorbius (11:06:07 PM): Depends
XMorbius (11:06:12 PM): Are the KKK your friends?
XMorbius (11:06:21 PM): Do the KKK really mean it?
Funeral Dirge (11:08:59 PM): No and yes. With you, I don't know. The KKK would take pleasure from the comment, and so would you.
XMorbius (11:09:18 PM): You know I dont mean it
Funeral Dirge (11:09:50 PM): To you, it's just an everyday kind of thing. To them, it's the same.
XMorbius (11:10:10 PM): You're comparing me to the KKK now???
Funeral Dirge (11:11:08 PM): Yes, I suppose I am.
XMorbius (11:11:16 PM): Man
XMorbius (11:11:47 PM): You really do need to take this lighter
Funeral Dirge (11:14:23 PM): I shouldn't have to take it at all.
XMorbius (11:15:04 PM): You wouldn't be if you weren't so uptight
XMorbius (11:15:51 PM): You'd realize "Hey, it's funny" Then you'd laugh, and we'd all get along
XMorbius (11:16:00 PM): Except for baker, but thats not here or there
Funeral Dirge (11:16:58 PM): Why do I have to sacrifice my pride to appease everyone?
XMorbius (11:17:11 PM): You're not sacrificing anything
XMorbius (11:17:17 PM): I dont sacrifice my pride
XMorbius (11:17:28 PM): Anyway, I'd love to keep on talking about this
XMorbius (11:17:37 PM): Because I think im actually getting somewhere with you
XMorbius (11:17:48 PM): But dad is yelling at me, so I'll be on later
Funeral Dirge (11:17:58 PM): Alright.