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Here are some links to where I go to find the newest Midi Im searching for, each site has something unique about it, whether it be the lay-out, exceptionally high-quality files, or just that the site has one very hard to find Midi on it. I hope that my site, along with these, help you to start/add-to your own collection! Also, if a link dosent work, please e-mail me at XMorbius@gmail.com Pronto! Thx! =)
Here are my links, in no particular order:

Ftp Midi Site, Organized by Artist
This site is where I first started looking to find MIDI's, its a simple FTP, so the layout is simple, the only problem is that it is sometimes slow, also, I havent tried using a FTP browser to go through this site.

Lauras Midi Heaven!
This site is just great. Last time I was there the site had over 10,000 files, and they still continue to grow. I would have to say they dont have many exclusive Midis, but they have plenty of the ones a person would need. If you need a certain file go here!

Doc's Midi Collection
This site is really good too, it has 4,500+ files, and I have found some exclusives here. I think its a pretty good site and encourage you to ge there too. But be warned, some pages take forever to load.

Kwest Productions Midi Archives
This site has good selection, and I did find a hard-to-find midi here. But they have Java running alot and the layout is like a FTP site, so its your call on how great it is.

Excite Advanced Search
This is just a link to a search engine, but its a good one, and has help me find MANY midi's! Go here if your looking for that one hard-to-find midi!

Fresh Midi's
Nice site, Im new to it, but it seems to have alot of music, and a really good interface.

Midi Search
This is a midi search engine, and Ive found it to be the best out there, has some problems in the interface and such.

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