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Old News

I try to keep all of the stuff happening on this site recorded, below you'll find all the old news I have. The newest of the events listed will be at the top, while old ones will be at the bottom.

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04-04-99: This time, a small update, One headlight by the Wallflowers, and Spanish Lullabye by madonna. Also, a brand-spanking new section about me, Xmorbius, and this page as well. Check it out!

02-28-99: I have a very weak update, 1 song, called "When I see you smile". Otherwise, nothing new.

02-16-99: I added "Come Around", "Hole in my Soul" by Aerosmith, "Pacific" by 808 State and "Until I Hear it from you". Hopefully I'll have more for the next update, which should hopefully be sometime around the 30th. Cya then!

01-30-99: I added "Abracadabra", "More than words", "Ordinary World", "Until I hear it from you", "To be with you" and "Winds of change". I like this update, a lot of songs Ive been searching for. Before I go, I hope you all have a good super ball sunday! (Watch the commercials! ;-)

01-16-99: Hey there, long time no updates! It was from the semester finals, and plus my stupid teachers loaded me with homework. I cant seem to find much time for this page with everything going on, but Ive done some surching and found a decent update. Ive added "All my life" by KC and Jojo, "As I lay me down to sleep", "Have you ever really loved a woman?" and "Hurts so good". With some luck I'll be able to keep a steady pace, but it'll be longer in between updates. Im going to to try and update one or two times a month.

12-28-98: Again with the shortage in updates, I know, Im a busy person ok? Anyway, I added the songs "Rythm is a dancer" and "Two steps behind". Also, if anyone knows the artist for even one song on my midi list that I dont have up, e-mail me so I know it ok? And a late Merry Christmas to you all!

12-09-98: EEK! I cant belive I havent updated in so long, I usually have something up every week, but Ive been falling behind because of school, anyway, I have nothing to put up on the page this time because as of now my entire collection is online. I did, however, add a links section. I have to credit some of the places Ive gotten my midi's!

11-26-98: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Hey there, sorry about the shortage in updates, Ive been busy. But anyway, Ive added the songs: Brown eyed Girl, In the house of stone and light, Rhythm of the night, Tearing up my heart, and The one I love. I'll see ya! And Have a great day!

11-13-98: This is the biggest update I've had in a while. Ive added the files "All for you" by Sister Hazel, "Dont want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith, from Armageddon, "Inside Out" by Eve 6, "Iris" from the city of angels soundtrack by the Goo Goo Dolls, "Save Tonight" by Eagle eye Cherry, "The Way" by Fastball, "Uninvited" by Alanis Morisette, and "Your Woman" by White town. I got all of these MIDIs from site so as a Thanx I'll link to it: Brians Midi Attic thanks Brian!

11-10-98: A decent update, I've added the song "Must have been love" and thanks to a person named HaQue that e-mailed me i have 19 new artists names for the midi's and he told me about a title error with the song "River", its really called "Hazard". Thanks HaQue!

11-08-98: I added the song "Like a prayer" by Madonna, Ive been looking for this one for a small while, so Im glad Ive found it. Ive added the "Old news" section too like I said I would, look below the last event here to find the link.

11-02-98: I made a small update. Its a Midi Called "I touch Myself" by The Divinyls. If you have seen the Movie "Austin Powers" you might want to download this one!

11-01-98: I cant add any new midis for right now because I still have to find the new ones Im looking for. But for now, I have put up some new (Sorry ) smaller images that load faster for the main page (as you have noticed im sure) and the Midi page. I fixed the "Back" link on the bottom of my Midi list too.Last, after I have more than five news events here, I plan on making a section called "Old News". That way this main page wont get too big.

10-24-98: Not much happening, Ive added the songs "Hero", "Kiss from a Rose", and "Runaway". I've realized that those images I have up take forever to load, so Im gonna make my own replacements in maybe a week. Otherwise I'll resize the ones I have up so that they arent so big.

10-18-98: Ive gotten the songs "Black Velvet", "Careless Whisper", "Forever in Love", "Girls Just wanna have fun", "Heaven is a place on earth", "Let her cry", "Never gonna give you up", and "Torn" on the site. And also I have fixed the "Broken Wings" file. The original medly file is under the name "Broken Wings Medly" (it aint that hard to find).

10-17-98: Im finally getting around to getting this site back up. I have about 10 new midis I plan to have up before the weekend is over. And also I found out one of My MIDI's is somewhat Defective. The midi called "Broken Wings" is atually 3 songs. I will get that fixed also. I would like to take a Moment to give a special thanks for making the image above and my MIDI image as well. Thanks man!