The Wreck Page
This page is about my wreck, heh.  It's dumb and boring, but hey.  I've devided the pics of the two cars...

The Breeze

Ok, these are obvious, but hey.  The first one is the front of the car, the bumper is cracked, and the other guys paint is on the breeze, heh.  The second one is a side shot... nothing fancy
(Oh, by the way, you notice this is on the side of a road... we were charged for storage... dumb storage bastards)

Also, there was a piece of the other car in the bumper there.  Kinda like the breeze bit the other car.  Hmm... Purple Paint, bit other car...  I think the breeze is, in fact, the automobile of Eva01!  It went berserk, slammed into the other car, and bit it.  Look, the crack near the headlight even makes it look like Eva01's eye!  


Here is a picture of the airbags (which I still dont know if I even hit... blarrrggg...)  And another shot of the front of the car.

The toyota

And here is the other car, it was pretty much the breeze's bitch.  I destroyed the guys sound system, that was funny.  Heh, he only managed to salvage his amp, and maybe some of his front speakers.  ummm...  His back end is gone, as you can tell.  I'd say that's pretty good since I hit him at 40+, possibly 50+ miles per hour.  


Thats all.