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About me


My name is John, and I live in Iowa, where the tall corn grows ;-). Anyway, my interests are computers, internet, music, Star Wars (big fan) as well other scifi stuff, and im a video gamer too. In music, I like Techno, Rock, some alternative, and basically anything on the radio but rap and country. When it comes to computers, I like to surf the net alot, (24/7) and chat somewhat. I use ICQ (#4992801) and AOL (johnam2543), You can contact me through either of those. In video games, Im a major action/RPG and platformer fan. I like the most of Zelda series, the Mario games, and some of the Final Fantasy series (FF7 is awesome!). When it comes to StarWars and Scifi stuff, im a huge fan. I like the new Star Treks like Next Gen, Deep Space 9, etc. I dont watch the old show as much, but the movies are good. When it comes to StarWars, you cant stop me ;-). I might be doing some sort of Star Wars related hoopla on the page soon, but I dunno what it will be or when I'll do it. BTW, the picture of me, like so many things on this page. Is OLD!

About this Page:

I started my midi collection when my mom wanted to know if I could download a song for her, I was downloading a few songs for her, then I decided to download songs for me. Thats why the page has so many old songs in it. I started the site a long time ago, but back then I went under the name "Morbius" (notice theres no "X") and the site was part of a small quake page. Go here to get a look at whats left (theres nothing left) The way I select music for the site is just by personal taste, so certain stuff just isnt going to be on here, like country. I honestly try to update as much as possible, but things happen. And I foroget sometimes too, but the biggest reason anymore is because Ive found a large portion of the songs I want. But I still have plenty to go, so as far and wide the updates are, there will be updates! ;-) See ya!