The "Advantages" of Going to North Scott High:

If you dont go to North Scott High, your more than welcome to view the following stuff. But please only NSH students E-mail me about it

Please note: To avoid legal issues (and to be able to show this to everyone without having to take it down ;-) I would like to state clearly that the information here is fictional and/or my opinion. Hence, if you dont like what is here, do not continue to read. The writer accepts no responsibility for what people may do with this document. You have been warned.

1- By the Year 2000, all students at North Scott will have the educational equivlent of the Mighty sandcrab

2- All teachers are gauranteed to have you wanting to kill them by the end of your "high school career"

3- All teachers are gauranteed to pi*s you off by saying "High school career" too much

4- The school motto could easily be "we suck, dont come here, SAVE YOURSELF!"

5- The school computers should be able to do SOMETHING soon...

6- The lunch moves faster than some of the people in track

7- To help remind students to take their books home, we made our lockers to small to put anything in

8- We offer plenty of mustard and pickles at lunch to drown the awful taste of our burgers

9- We suck so much that one of our students actually got the nerve to write this

10- We sometimes just shut off the pop and vending machines for no reason but to tick off our students

I cant write this whole thing by myself, so if you have a suggestion, send it to me at it can be an actual "advantage" or just a subject you want me to write about as part of the list. Or just talk to me at school I think you know me. Yeah see, you know me ;-)